Retiring & Moving to a “Side-Gig” work model

I am retiring from my full time career as an entrepreneur in marketing, printing and technology and moving to a “side-gig” work model.

In this new role, I will work with a limited number of solopreneurs and entrepreneurs to research and navigate todays marketing and technology tools so you can focus on managing your business.

Marketing & technology in today’s rapidly changing world is confusing and it’s easy to waste money on programs that simply don’t work for you. Often times you will recoup the money you invest in my services just by NOT wasting money on courses, tools or programs that simply will not benefit you.

Take advantage of 50 years experience as an entrepreneur (both online and off) and founder of 4 enterprises that reached 7 figure sales within 18 months at a fraction of the cost of “Marketing Agencies”. Learn and benefit from my successes as well as my failures.

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